Matt on the issues

Taking Action. Getting Results.

Affordable Housing

“San Francisco’s skyrocketing cost of housing isn’t just a problem—it’s a crisis. We can’t keep letting politicians block new housing we need now. We need more housing near jobs and transit, including affordable housing, so that working families can afford to live here. And we need to protect renters so that they can stay in their homes without being priced out or evicted.” -Matt


“It's not compassionate nor acceptable to have so many people living on our streets and sidewalks. We need a range of interventions to permanently get folks off the streets and into housing and care. That means much larger investments in emergency rental assistance, supportive housing, transitional shelters, mental health care, and addiction treatment in San Francisco.” -Matt

Wealth Inequality

“San Francisco has the largest income inequality of any Bay Area county. That disparity has only grown larger during the pandemic with small businesses and working families struggling to get by while millionaires and billionaires become richer than ever. That needs to change.” -Matt

Climate Change

“Climate change is the greatest existential threat we face, and it is already impacting our daily lives. We’re seeing devastating effects in the form of more wildfires, less rain, and soaring temperatures. The time to act was yesterday, and we need bold, immediate action at every level of government to slow this crisis.” -Matt

Public Safety

“I live in the Tenderloin. I see firsthand every day how urgent it is that we ensure our families, residents, and business owners are safe in every neighborhood in our city. Public safety requires community policing and crisis response teams to treat folks who are addicted or mentally ill on our streets.” -Matt

Social Justice & Civil Rights

“Civil rights are under attack in America right now, and California must be a national leader in protecting voting rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, and a woman’s right to choose. All of these issues intersect with racial justice, which must always be front of mind as we work to dismantle systemic racism in our existing policies and institutions.” -Matt