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US Senator

“I’ve known Matt for many years and I can tell you he has strong roots in social justice, thinks outside of the box, and knows that we have to be focused and smart to make a difference for California families. If elected, Matt will be smart on crime by focusing on prevention and recidivism. He will be smart on homelessness by getting people off the street while also addressing the causes that put them there in the first place. And he will be smart on housing by holding developers accountable to build affordable.”


Lieutenant Governor 

"From my time as Mayor, I understand well the complex challenges our City faces. In a place as diverse and dynamic as San Francisco, it takes grit, determination and a willingness to work across differences to solve problems and get things done. Matt's exactly that kind of leader -- someone who will stand up for our San Francisco values and bridge divides in order to make real, lasting, positive change. I'm proud to endorse him in his campaign for Supervisor." 

Assembly Member

“In the many years I’ve known Matt, he has always been someone who works hard and effectively for the people he represents. I worked closely with him when he served as an advocate for University of California students across the state and during his time as a School Board Member. I look forward to partnering with Matt to advance a common agenda for our city: addressing homelessness, building affordable housing, and keeping our communities safe.”


Former State Senator

"I’ve been a public servant for 18 years and have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of elected officials. But the best of these elected officials all have one thing in common -- they’re out there in the neighborhoods of their district, working to make the lives of their constituents better. That’s the real difference between a politician and a leader. Leaders take action. I’ve watched Matt Haney during his time on the Board of Education and Matt is that kind of leader. He’s not just about the Facebook likes or the Twitter posts, he dives in and does the work.”


Former Assembly Member

“As a former teacher, Supervisor and Assemblymember, and an advocate for a more affordable San Francisco throughout my career, I am proud to endorse Matt. Together we fought to bring the first ever LGBT Studies course to San Francisco public schools.  He didn’t back down when people told him it wasn’t possible, and I know he won’t back down as Supervisor in taking on our city’s toughest problems.”

State Controller

"Matt is a go-getter who is dedicated to creating an economy that works for everyone. Unafraid to tackle the most pressing issues facing our communities, Matt will lead to advocate for bold solutions to affordable housing and fighting poverty. He is a problem solver who serves with integrity."

District 1 Supervisor

“From serving with him on the School Board and working together to create the first Local Hire Policy for the San Francisco Unified School District, I know Matt will stand up for what is right. I know Matt will put the voices of families and children at the forefront at City Hall. The communities who have been struggling to stay in our city need him at City Hall. That is why he is my sole endorsement for District 6 Supervisor. I know we can count on him to say when enough is enough."


District 3 Supervisor

“District 6 has some of the most complex challenges of anywhere in our city-- Matt is a leader who is prepared and capable to deal with these challenges, and move our city forward.” 


District 6 Supervisor

"As a resident leader in District 6, I’ve already seen Matt show up and get things done. He’s organized the community to protect public safety. He’s represented tenants and fought evictions. He’s supported our neighborhood schools and families, and we worked together to secure funding for a new school in Mission Bay. Matt and I believe that San Francisco is worth fighting for. I’m proud to support him to be the next Supervisor of District 6."


District 7 Supervisor

“District 6’s diverse communities deserve healthy neighborhoods, where residents can safely walk, bike, and play.  They need an independent Supervisor who will fight for parks, open space, and safe streets. From his time as a School Board Member and neighborhood advocate, I know that Matt understands these issues firsthand and will work hard for D6 residents.”​


District 8 Supervisor

"Matt is a problem solver. He won't accept the failed status quo in District 6. I've seen Matt's leadership firsthand: He and I worked together to make sure that City College and San Francisco Unified School District stepped up to use our resources and hold ourselves accountable to meeting the needs of homeless youth and families. I'm confident that he will be a hands-on, neighborhood Supervisor who will deliver for D6 residents."  

Rafael Mandelman.jpg

District 9 Supervisor

“My reason for supporting Matt is simple: He is a good person who is fighting for our community, and I want him beside me fighting on the Board. The neighborhoods of District 6 don’t get the resources they need to take on the huge challenges they are facing, and Matt will be a leader that works to change that.”   ​


President, Board of Supervisors

“Matt is prepared to face the challenges facing his district with the experience needed to work with leaders across the city to get things done. As demonstrated by his service as the President of the Board of Education and the Chair of the SFUSD Budget Committee, I trust that he will represent his constituents well, hold our city government accountable, and manage our finances effectively.”

Board of Education President

“I’ve served with Matt on the School Board since 2012 and am impressed by how he works effectively with others and makes things happen -- whether that be expanding computer science to all students or enhancing support for homeless children. That’s why Matt has not just my support, but the support of all of his school board colleagues. San Franciscans want people who are ready to work together and lead us forward. I know Matt is that type of leader.”

San Francisco Public Defender

"Matt has a strong track record of standing up for criminal justice reform, civil rights, and progressive, ground breaking public policy. As a School Board Member, he courageously fought to change overly punitive and ineffective school discipline policies -- instead, he authored the ground breaking Safe and Supportive Schools initiative, which relied on restorative justice principles, counseling, and evidence-based solutions to support students, keeping them out of courtrooms and in classrooms where they belong. I am confident that he will champion and implement bold solutions that will benefit all San Franciscans and address the problems and challenges that we face now and in the future.”

San Francisco District Attorney

"Matt has been a champion on the local, state and national levels for smart and effective criminal justice policy. Whether its addressing open air drug dealing, car break ins, or violence, I know he will be a strong advocate for proactive, creative, collaborative approaches to ensure the safety of all of our residents. He will hold the police accountable for tangible results and reforms, and stand up for the neighborhoods of District 6. I'm proud to support Matt and looking forward to working closely with him.”

BART Board Director

“Matt knows we can't keep using the same failed approaches and expect different results.  Our biggest challenge -- homelessness -- needs fresh thinking, urgency and hands-on creative leadership to get the job done.  I know Matt will fight to get people off the streets and into shelter, housing and mental health services -- and he will end the unnecessary bureaucracy that keeps people stuck living on our streets.”​

BART Board Director 

"Matt has walked the walk on the School Board-- standing up for homeless students, undocumented students, and students with incarcerated parents. He’s worked to reduce unnecessary school suspensions, and to raise salaries and build housing for teachers--and I trust the work he will do as D6 Supervisor."

Chair of San Francisco Democratic Party

“Matt represents the kind of leadership our City and the Democratic Party needs. As an eviction defense attorney, he fights for families in his neighborhood. And as School President he improved access to education, including standing up for Latino, undocumented, and LGBTQ students. I’m confident he’ll continue to deliver for the people he represents.”​


Founder of Dream Corps.

"Matt is an impressive guy. He shows up, puts forward innovative solutions, and then actually does the work to make it happen. I’m excited to see him get to work helping San Franciscans."

Michael Tubbs

Mayor of Stockton

“Matt is one of my favorite elected officials and a dear friend with a heart for the people and a head for policy.  In times like these, we need servant leaders like Matt, and I am thrilled to do all that I can to ensure that he is elected.”  

Tony Thurmond

Assembly Member

Ash Kalra

Assembly Member

Art Agnos 

Former SF Mayor

Roberta Achtenberg

Former SF Supervisor

Leslie Katz

Former SF Supervisor

David Canepa

San Mateo County Supervisor

Shamann Walton

Board of Education Member

Stevon Cook

Board of Education Member

Rachel Norton

Board of Education Member

Emily Murase

Board of Education Member

Mark Sanchez

Board of Education Member

Thea Selby

City College of San Francisco
Board of Trustees President

Tom Temprano

City College Trustee

Shannell Williams

City College Trustee

Brigitte Davila

City College Trustee

John Rizzo

City College Trustee

Alex Randolph

City College Trustee


AFT 2121
Bay Area Reporter
Bike Coalition (#1)
Brady Campaign - San Francisco Chapter
Building and Construction Trades Council
California Nurses Association
Carpenters Local Union 22
Central City Democrats 
Compassionate Bay
Democracy for America 
Deputy Sheriffs' Association
Evolve California
FDR Democratic Club
Green Party
Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Latino Democratic Club
Latina/o Young Democrats of San Francisco
Laborers' International Union of North America (#1)
National Union of Healthcare Workers
Operating Engineers 3
Progressive Democrats of America
Rose Pak Democratic Club 
San Francisco Berniecrats
San Francisco Democratic Party
San Francisco Examiner (#1)
San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798 (#1) 
San Francisco Labor Council
San Francisco League of Conservation Voters (dual)
San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters
San Francisco Young Democrats
San Francisco Tenants Union
SEIU Local 1021
SEIU Local 2015 (#1)
Sheet Metal Workers Local 104
Sierra Club
South Beach District 6 Democratic Club
Teamsters 856
Teamsters Joint Council 7 (#1)
UA Local 18, Plumbers & Pipefitters
UFCW Local 5
UFCW Local 648
United Educators of San Francisco
Unite Here! Local 2

Matt Gonzalez

Former SF Supervisor 

Dolores Huerta.jpg
Dolores Huerta

Civil Rights Leader

“Throughout his career as a public servant, Matt Haney has championed the voices and needs of working people. He fought against injustice and stood up for immigrant students and their families. I know Matt will work hard to ensure economic opportunity and fairness for all San Franciscans.  In this age of Trump, we need bold leaders who will stand up for our communities and deliver. I'm proud to endorse him for District 6 Supervisor."   

John Burton

Former California Democratic Party Chairman 

Harry Britt

Former SF Supervisor